Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nail Effects ♥ ♥ ♥

I haven't done a What I'm Loving Wednesday in awhile, (and I actually did this one last week but didn't add it to the WILW list until right before midnight) and I've been meaning to because I've become OBSESSED with the Sally Hansen Nail Effects. They're nail polish stickers that are freakin amazing. I CANT STAND when my nail polish chips and because I wash my hands 478 times a day it usually chips the morning after I paint them. Wellllll, not with these bad boys. I get a solid week out of them and the 7 days after that they still look good enough to usually keep them on for a full 2 weeks. (The package says they stay on for up to 10 days)

So I don't know the scientific reasoning behind them. They're made from real nail polish, but when you get them and peel them off the backing they feel like a thin, stretchy sticker. They come with directions that are easy to follow, but basically after prepping your nails you find the ones that match your nail size and press them on like a sticker. After you rub them down a little you file the extra off the top. They're SUPER easy. And if you have short nails like me you can cut them in half and get 2 full manicures from one box. NOTE- they come in an air tight container. There's 8 stickers in each airtight package. And theres 2 packages in every box. You get 8 stickers so you can pick the best 5 that fit your nails. Each package is for one hand, but like I said, if you cut them in half you can cover all 10 of your nails with one package and save the other package for a whole new manicure. But DO NOT open the airtight package until you're ready to do your nails. I opened one to get an extra nail out and then when I went back to it a week later to touch up a nail all the stickers had lost their stickiness and I had to throw them away. So the air tight seal definitely has something to do with their effectiveness, just an FYI :)

There's a TON of different patterns, glitter and solid colors. I got a bunch for Christmas and my Birthday and I can hardly wait to use them all. Lol. I most recently did the black and white pattern and got a ridiculous amount of compliments. Man, I wish I could sell these things like Mary Kay. I'd be so rich. Haha.

Decisions, decisions...

Sooo, if you're looking for nail polish that lasts, is super easy and looks like a professional manicure, these are perfect! At Target they're $8.50 and at Walgreens they're closer to $12, but lately they've been doing a Buy One get One 50% Off, so not too bad. They're definitely pricier than nail polish, but so worth it. And now that I think about it, if you're buying OPI they're probably cheaper!

I've also put a clear coat over the top the morning after I put them on and touch it up with a clear coat after the first week and seem to get a little longer wear outta them.

Annnnddddd, I did Raya's nails too :) Since I only used 5 strips from one package, I cut the other 3 into smaller pieces and used them to do Raya's.

PS- If you're a new reader or follower leave me a comment with your blog link. I only follow maybe 4 blogs so I'm looking for new ones to fill my reader up with  :) Happy Wednesday!!!


  1. Those are awesome! My nail polish always chips the same day I put it on. I will definitely have to try those :)
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  2. I always see these in CVS and want to try them!! Now I will they look great

  3. Those are so fun! I love the little nails too! :)