Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kallen is ONE!!!

The Birthday Boy!!! January 3rd, 2012

Mr. Kallen Gentry, You're ONE! Omg. Un-freaken-belivable. I can't believe a year ago I was in the hospital with you (and so very thankful to have your big 'ol baby body on the outside of mine :) Well, actually, a year ago today was my due date: 1/11/11 and I was praying you'd come tha7t day cause I thought that was the coolest birthday. BUT you came January 3rd- which was totally fine because had you cooked for another week you would've easily been a 10lb baby.

Janurary 3rd, 2011

Kallen Gentry 
9lbs 2oz
Born at 5:57am

I could have never imagined just how much I would LOVE having a little boy. You are absolutely the sweetest thing. You're my little love bug, my little cuddler. You BLEW my expectations of life with a son out of the water.

Currently your favorite things to do are explore (aka get into EVERYTHING) Pretty sure you love to sneak into the kitchen and pull the trash out of the trashcan. Sick. That must be a boy thing. I don't remember Raya doing that. Lol.

You love to eat. You were super feisty the last few days and I just realized it was because you were hungry! After you ate a huge lunch you were totally happy. My bad! You eat 3 solid meals a day and then snack in between. And you're still drinking at least 4 bottles in between all that. We started you on milk before we left for Texas and you've done pretty good with that transition. You're totally off formula now.

You love to cuddle :) And have since the second I had you. You love to give hugs. You'll walk up to just about anyone and hold your arms up for them to pick you up and then give them the sweetest hug when they do. A glimpse, I'm sure, of how you'll charm the world with your sweetness.

I don't know if you love to sleep or not, but you still sleep long stretches and take 3 naps a day. You usually don't fight going to sleep. The only time you do is because the atmosphere isn't to your liking. Haha. You love the quiet and darkness. You can usually sleep anywhere, but at night you want it quiet and dark!

You love your big sis. You follow her around a lot, especially when you guys are playing in her room. Where ever she goes, you go. Just please don't climb up everything she climbs, thanks! You let her hug on you and rough you up a little. You're a good sport!

I'm not sure your weight or height. We go for your 1 year check up next week. I'm gonna guess you weight 25lbs. You wear a size 6 shoe- and I've actually found shoes you can wear! Still rockin a size 4 diaper. You're in 18month and 24month clothes. You're not ginormous, but you're a solid kid for sure. We've called you Tank since you were born and thats the perfect way to describe you. You're definitely heavy to carry. You kill me after about 5 minutes of holding you. Lol.

You don't really have any toys or blankets you're super attached to. You are equally a Mama's Boy and Daddy's Boy. It just depends on the day. But when your Dad gets home from work you run to him! And don't want him to put you down. Its sweet. Some days you'll be a total Mama's Boy and I'm totally cool with that. You were napping yesterday and only wanted to nap in my arms and I was slightly annoyed because I wanted to pick up the house...but then I'm like, "Holy mother, this kid is only going to fit in my arms and want me to hold him while he's napping for another 12 months- IF I'm lucky." I know by the time Raya was 2 there's no way she would nap comfortably in my arms, so I probably don't even have 12 months left of you being small enough! OHHHHH, that kills me. And reminds me that this house can stay as messy as it wants cause I'm gonna hold you until I can't! (Which is advice I was given at my baby shower with Raya and I've followed it pretty religiously. So, all my readers with new babies or about to have a baby, trust me, HOLD THAT BABY! :)

We had a birthday party for you in Texarkana on your actual birthday, January 3rd. We had a little pizza party for you at Pizza Inn with some of our friends there and your Grandma and PawPaw. It was sweet. The funniest part was you with your smash cake. No joke, you gagged just looking at it! HAHAHA. Seriously. I kept wondering if there was something in your mouth you were gagging on, but when I watched the video back there was nothing. It was simply enough just looking at the cake. LOL! And I even wiped a little bit of frosting on your lips to see if you would eat any and that made you gag big time! Omg. Sorry buddy.

This was his birthday breakfast: Cheese puffs with Raya in her princess house

Your friends :)

 One good looking Birthday Boy!!

Raya and Jordon- they're too cute.

Wiped out! We hadn't even finished buckling Raya in her seat before you were passed out. 

I've said it time after time in my posts to you, but I'm so madly in love with you. You are pure sweetness. You've shown me a whole different kind of love, maybe its the love only a mother could have for her son? I was afraid I wouldn't be able to love you like I love Raya, and I don't. Its a different kind of love. Its just as strong :) don't worry! But its a very special kind of love reserved for you. Thank you for being the best little boy I could've asked for. I know I'm one of the luckiest moms in the world and am so for thankful that I get to be your Mom.
I love you!!!

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