Monday, October 24, 2011


OMG. I think I've done 1 post this whole month. Uh. And its not like I've been incredibly busy. Lol. I guess most of my "free time" that I used to blog has been filled with more important the Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion and X Factor :) oh AND of course the Jersey Show Finale and Reunion.

Everyone is doing well! Kallen has started "walking." He takes 4 or 5 steps now. He gets so excited when he starts walking that he'll actually jump. Lol. And then immediately fall down. His hernia surgery is this Friday. Hope this week goes by fast. I'll be glad to have the surgery done with. And I'm sure he will too.

Raya's been talking up a storm! I can notice in the last 2 weeks she's really made a language break through. She uses a lot more sentences and her words are easier to understand. She's such my little sidekick. I still hate them growing up, but the more she does grow the more she becomes my friend. Its fun being buddies with her. She's so funny and we spend a lot of our time cracking each other up- which pretty much sums up my friendships with a lot of my girlfriends and my mom. Ahhhh.

 Its been so warm here! I was so excited for the Fall weather...but I just got a small little taste. It was like 85 or 90 last week! Thats HOT for where I live. And it was hot at night too, which is weird. Anyways, we busted out the "pool" LOL. Its actually a water table that Raya always insisted on sitting in, so I took the legs off and the 2 of them try to sit in it. Haha. I really wanted to take them to the pool...but I'm still not sure thats the best idea. Has anyone done it? Like just you and 2 babies? I was thinking if I did Raya would have to keep her floaties on the whole time, which isn't an issue for her...but it still kinda gives me anxiety. I'd have to be 200% focused on both of their every moves. Seems a little exhausting....

And Raya's still climbing as always. Seriously...all I can say is with all the climbing she's done she actually has GREAT balance, so maybe thats the reason we've yet to make a trip to the emergency room for stitches...

Hope everyone is doing well! Gonna do a Halloween post right now :)


  1. That first picture of Kallen is ADORABLE! And I love Raya in her tutu! Good luck with the surgery...I know he'll do fine!

    Happy to have a new update from you too :-)


  2. the kiddos are adorable as always! I've missed updated from you! hope the surgery goes well.

    YAY for Kallen walking. And I think I would have a heart attack if I saw Kaylee on top of her toy like that, maybe cause she clumsey! LOL

    Sweet N Sassy Girls

  3. Freakin' love those kids. Raya and her gymnastics abilities crack me up EVERYTIME. Cant wait to see them on Thursday!