Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a really great Thanksgiving Weekend. We went to my Mom's for Thanksgiving. It was a nice and easy afternoon with food and family. What more could you ask for? :) My Mom and brother did all the cooking. Everything was delicious! And my Dad came Thanksgiving night! So Raya was in Grandparent's Land and loving every minute of it. 

Its been a prefect holiday weekend! Now very much to report, just a bunch of pictures, of course. Kallen's 1st Thanksgiving and our first "Family of 4" Thanksgiving was just dandy ;)

Snuggling with my babies is one of the most special things I am so thankful to be able to experience. 

Kallen and I woke up early to make a quick trip to the store to make some Turkey cookies

The Turkey Cookies:

We headed to my Mom's about 1 and spent the rest of the day there

Some of the gentlemen :) My cousin Josh, Gentry and my brother, Bryce.

 And Gentry did this with Kallen. 

 And Kallen was totally cool with it ;)

My Uncle Rick and my bro

The guys watching football

Raya and Grandma

And of course, there was Thanksgiving Naps

Bryce's 1st Nap

I LOVE dressing him like a little man. God, I couldn't get enough of him in this. And he walks like a little old drunk man. Its too perfect :)

Couldn't get one of them together. Kallen was On.The.Move!

His dress pants were killing me. Like I said, I couldn't get enough of them!!

Going, going, gone...

He's so annoying

And Bryce ended it with Nap #2. LOL

My Dad and Alan flew in Thursday night and met us at our house. Raya LOVED having them at the house all day and all night. The way she says "Grandpa" and "PawPaw" is so so so cute, so I loved hearing it all weekend. 

 Nap time was a re-occurring Theme this weekend :)

On Saturday our Hogs played. We played LSU and it was a BIG game. We lost :( Pretty much got whooped. That was unfortunate. BUT I'm thinking and hoping and wishing and praying that they go to the Cotton Bowl now because we will be in Dallas the day of the bowl and we CAN GO!!! That would be so awesome...we should know next Sunday. Keep those fingers crossed! We dressed up in our Razorback gear for the game. We're true fans like that ;)

Baby Wrestle Mania was happening during the game.

And this whole holiday weekend has been Beautiful! I do love the fall weather, so this 80degree weather puts a cramp in my fall wardrobe, BUT its been absolutely gorgeous. Today we put up all of our Christmas decorations and I definitely decorated the tree in my bathing suit. It doesn't get anymore So Cal than that! (And I wasn't JUST wearing my bathing suit. LOL! That would be weird.)

And the wonderful weekend ended with one more group nap. HAHAHA. My family's going to kill me ;) But I promise, I'm not trying to embarrass anyone...I really thought it was cute!

My Dad and Alan left Saturday afternoon. Raya cried :( She kept asking if she could go to Grandpa and PawPaws house. We're going in December, so at least I could be truthful when I told her that we could soon.
The Christmas decorations are up and the house looks so festive!!! I LOVE IT! Omg. I LIVE for this time of the year. I wish the holiday season lasted like 4 months. I could keep these decorations up for so much longer. Well, as I type that I reflect on the last 2 hours of repeatedly telling Raya not to touch the tree. And even with me telling her every 30 seconds she'd still hop the baby gate and I'd find her removing ornaments. So maybe 5 weeks of these decorations will be plenty :) I do love the age Raya's at because she's just as excited as I am about the lights and Santa Claus. You just can't fake the excitement that girl exudes. I hope she too plays Mariah Carey's Christmas CD on repeat starting in October :)

Our tree looks so dinky. Lol. This is our first year with a fake one. We'll probably borrow my Mom's fake one because I have no intentions on getting a real one this year. Or ever again to be perfectly honest. And my Mom has a really full big one she said we could use. I'll keep you posted ;)
The Holiday Season is in FULL EFFECT!!! 

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  1. Kallen looks like such a STUD in those pinstriped pants--cute!!!

    Love all the pictures...yay for Christmas :-)