Saturday, November 13, 2010

Raya Recently

My favorite outfit of the week!
Shirt is from her Aunt Romina (she got it at Target)
Jeggings (Children's Place)
Nike Air Maxs (That she's already growing out of :(

It was hard to get one good picture of the here's a couple different angles. She's really starting to look like a little girl more than a baby :( Uhhhhh, stop!!!!

She got to go in Nana's spa this weekend because the heater was broken so it was more like a kiddie-pool. She LOVED it! It was a Nana/Grandma weekend...and clearly she was loving it :)

Me at 31 weeks. I'm sure I could do a whole (long) post on the super fun past weeks ;) But I'll spare you. Baby is healthy and growing by the minute. There's a good chance he's a cage fighter! You know when you get trapped under the sheets or in a sleeping bag and get claustrophobic and have a mini freak out and kick and wail? Sometimes that's what it feels like he's doing. I keep trying to get it on video. It's crazy how he moves around. Sign of what I have to look forward to???? 
We're still looking for a place to live. I was super stressed about it last week, but for some reason I'm super hopeful this week. WE SHALL of the most annoying things is that I can't put up Christmas decorations I bought 2 years ago!!! Right cause that's what I need to be worrying about. LOL.  We leave for Texas on the 20th and are there for 10 days and get back Dec I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll have a place to move into the beginning of December (and a place I can decorate!) 
Hope ya'll are having a good weekend! (Yep, I said Ya'll. I'm preparing for Texas :) 


  1. She is a beautiful little girl and he sneakers and jeggings are HAWT (Hott) !! lol

  2. oops spelling error
    THE sneaker and jeggings