Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pumpkin Princess

Wow, Halloween was almost a week ago and I'm just now posting about it. Oppsies ;)
Sunday was our big "Move Out Day," so it was long and tiring. I debated throughout the day if I would be able to take Raya trick-o-treating and I am so, so, so glad I took those couple hours out to take her. It was so much fun watching her!!! My mom and I took her to the very first house (our neighbor) and told her to knock, which she loves to do and did in a heartbeat. When our neighbor came to the door and handed her candy she was a little shocked and probably confused, but it was only a matter of seconds before she decided it was the best thing ever. I took her to about 15 houses, and she said "Thanks Bye" to every one of them. I didn't even think to try and teach her "trick-o-treat" during the weeks prior to prepare her for the big night, but "Thanks Bye" was so sweet and so cute. The funniest thing was she wanted to hold her candy and tried to keep as many pieces in her hand as she could. At one point she probably had 3 pieces, which is a lot for a little tiny hand, and she did this claw thing and opened her fingers up between her knuckles and would stick her hand in the bowl and then clamp down- Just like one of those claw games at the mall. When she pulled her hand out, she'd have all the same pieces plus a new piece between her knuckles. It was hilarious. And entertaining for the people handing out the candy as well. So much fun!
Halloween Morning in her Halloween Jammies
The Pumpkin Princess
The 1st house

"Thanks Bye"

Off to house #2!

Such confidence ;)
And that was how long the hat lasted

So even though it was a LONG day, this was the absolute highlight to my whole weekend. I'm so glad I took the time to take her and be a part of her 1st trick-o-treating experience. 
I took a bunch of pictures, duh...My whole Halloween Album is here

I also wanted to include a link to this Fabulous article about a little boy wanting to be a girl cartoon character for Halloween. A friend of mine posted it on Facebook and I want to share it with everyone I could. It's pretty fun, but more importantly its an example of amazing parenting. My little brother used tights and a tutu as part of his Halloween costume at least 2 it reminded me of him dressing up and my mom and dad had no issues with it. It was never an issue in our house, it was always about what we wanted to be. As long as it wasn't offensive to another group of people we could do it or be it! Just an example of letting your child make their own choices and loving them unconditionally :) 
The Article/Blog: My Son is Gay

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